Cryptocurrency Investment Bank
& Derivatives Platform

Financial Sophistication Exploiting Revolutionary Technology

bitFORTUNE Simplifies exposure to Cryptocurrency

bitFORTUNE is the native cryptocurrency of The bitFORTUNE Platform.
bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency is comprised of a diversification of selected cryptocurrency assets and profiteering strategies. The composition of this exposure is the bitFORTUNE Portfolio.
The bitFORTUNE Platform hosts Derivatives. These are a suite of financial instruments spanning the investment risk spectrum.

bitFORTUNE Platform

Custody Service

Scientific methods applied for cryptocurrency seed creation, value storage and access ensuring military grade security for all assets in management.

Long Term Steady Growth

Esoteric mathematics and/or programmatic automation applied for selected assets with design to exploit high volatility of cryptocurrency markets with lower risk.

Risk Tolerance Accommodation

Varied array of financial instruments designed to accommodate low, medium and high risk exposure per preference.

100% Liquidity

100% liquidity accessible on demand.

Stability, Reliability & Innovation

bitFORTUNE founded in 2018 perpetually evolves in sophistication and applies innovation at the fore-front of new technology in alignment with long term vision.


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