Account Recovery

    bitFORTUNE Platform Account Recovery
    bitFORTUNE Account Recovery is applicable for the following scenarios when an account owner:
    • has lost access to their account for losing an authentication method(s)
    • has passed away and their heir is seeking account access
    • is incapacitated and there is a Power of Attorney in effect
    • wants to freeze their account since it is compromised or to prevent unwarranted actions upon it
    If an account owner has just lost their password an Account Recovery is not necessary. The password reset form may be used to reset the password for the account.
    Situations requiring Account Recovery due to loss of credentials includes the loss of one or more of the following:
    • account email and/or username
    • SMS 2FA (two-factor authentication)
    • APP 2FA (two-factor authentication)
    For these scenario's the Account Recovery Form should be filled out and submitted. At some point bitFORTUNE Administration will reach out by e-mail to continue the Account Recovery process.
    When submitting the Account Recovery Form the submitter must identify the bitFORTUNE account. To identify the bitFORTUNE account one or more of the following pieces of information must be provided:
    • The e-mail address of the account
    • The username of the account
    • The name on the account
    • The Stellar address of the account
    • The account number of the account
    • Some other combination of data that identifies a unique account
    The "Your Message" section of the Account Recovery Form should describe the circumstances of the situation and also include the information needed to identify a unique bitFORTUNE account.
    Entities engaging in an Account Recovery process with bitFORTUNE Administration to access an account must have their identity verified by the platform. This protects accounts from fraudulent access. Minimally the front and back of a valid government issued id will be required. This will be requested at some point during the Account Recovery process.
    Note that initiating an account recovery process will automatically render the account frozen until resolved. Frozen accounts are disabled from performing any operations.
    Do not use the Account Recovery Form for general questions. This form is strictly for account recovery scenario's described. For general questions and inquiries the Contact Form should be used.

    Account Recovery Form

    e-mailusernamepasswordSMS 2FAAPP 2FAN/A