White Paper

White Paper

The bitFORTUNE Platform

The bitFORTUNE Platform is a Cryptocurrency Investment Bank & Derivatives Platform. The composition of the platform is bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency and bitFORTUNE Derivatives. The composition of bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency is the bitFORTUNE Portfolio.
Scientific methods are applied for cryptocurrency seed creation, value storage and access ensuring military grade security for all assets in management. This deems The bitFORTUNE Platform a custody service.
The purpose of the platform is to provide a spectrum of financially engineered instruments that utilize revolutionary technology and have financial sophistication applied that achieves increasing purchasing power.
bitFORTUNE founded in 2018 perpetually evolves in sophistication and applies innovation at the fore-front of new technology in alignment with long term vision.

bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency

bitFORTUNE is the native currency of The bitFORTUNE Platform. bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency achieves exposure via a diversification of selected cryptocurrency assets and profiteering strategies. The composition of this exposure is the bitFORTUNE Portfolio. Portfolio ownership is governed by bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency distribution.
bitFORTUNE is a sophisticated financial instrument employing direct select underlying asset exposure, mathematical paradigm investment strategies, automated trading, and smart contracts to achieve long term steady growth of purchasing power.
Selected asset exposure includes bitFORTUNE Derivatives and/or other cryptocurrencies meeting defined parameters for portfolio inclusion. Mathematical paradigms are applied to each individual portfolio position with the intent of accumulating positions, building value and capturing profit to select derivatives defined as purchasing power stable assets.
A percentage of the bitFORTUNE Portfolio is dedicated to automated trading. Scientific automated trading is designed to exploit the high volatility of cryptocurrency to build the value of bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency. Automated Trading details may be examined on the bitFORTUNE Trading Page.
Of the bitFORTUNE Portfolio goals is to build value into the asset via useful smart contracts. Professionally designed decentralized applications is inclusive of the underlying composition of bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrency. Smart contract particulars may be examined on the bitFORTUNE Smart Contract Page.

bitFORTUNE Derivatives

The bitFORTUNE Platform hosts bitFORTUNE Derivatives. The definition of a derivative here is a financial product that has a composition of an underlying asset or basket of underlying assets along with financial sophistication applied. This concept of a derivative allows for sophisticated creativity of infinite financial instruments.
bitFORTUNE Derivatives is designed to accommodate a spectrum of risk from low to high. This diversification of design is instrumental for the application of financial sophistication.
All bitFORTUNE Platform derivatives are tokenized as cryptocurrencies. Each derivative composition ownership is governed by the derivative's cryptocurrency distribution.


bitFORTUNE Platform cryptocurrencies are created and managed on the Stellar Platform. The Stellar Platform is of the most sophisticated cryptocurrency platforms in existence and is of the highest ranking cryptocurrency projects in the world. The Stellar Platform is an open-source, public, blockchain-based, real-time financial platform.
The Stellar platform upon which all bitFORTUNE Platform cryptocurrencies exist is decentralized. This implies anonymity and freedom from central authority, regulation, destruction, seizure, hacking, etc. Achieving these qualities is the closest an asset may arrive at invincibility in the modern financial industry.
bitFORTUNE Cryptocurrencies on Stellar
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DISCLAIMER: The bitFORTUNE Platform does not provide warranties or guarantees of performance. Cryptocurrency is a volatile evolving industry with risk to capital that may prove significant or total. The bitFORTUNE Platform does not provide tax advise nor legal consultation. Assets described in the bitFORTUNE White Paper do not constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This White Paper does not constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. bitFORTUNE cryptocurrencies are decentralized utility tokens that naturally function with autonomy.